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Fall/Winter 2018 Dress Collection

To our Jack Erwin community— 


Since our launch in 2013, we’ve become obsessed with the idea that all Jack Erwin products should be designed and developed to address your specific needs. We set out to learn what you want to wear each day and what you demand from your shoes—in style, comfort, durability and price. With your valuable feedback in hand, we’ve rethought, rebuilt and expanded our entire selection. Throughout September and October, we will release this new collection in its entirety.

Tomorrow, we pick up where we started: the launch of a new dress collection. This refreshed offering employs more rigorous internal standards for construction, fit, quality and aesthetics. Thanks to new factory partners in Portugal and Spain, we’re utilizing more time-intensive detailing and hand-finishing to provide an added level of refinement and depth to each shoe. We’ve also designed a variety of new lasts and patterns to provide a wider range of fits and styles that vary in levels of formality: ranging from casual Friday to black-tie.

We’re proud of each and every new product and hope you love this new offering as much as we do. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions—we’re always happy to hear from you:

Lane Gerson, Ariel Nelson, and the Jack Erwin Team 


Leroy Double Monk in Brown Full-Grain Leather— 
Allen Wholecut Cap-Toe in Black Full-Grain Leather— 
Allen Wholecut Cap-Toe in Brown Full-Grain Leather—
Baxter Wholecut Oxford in Light Brown Full-Grain Leather 
Morton Penny Loafer in Black Full-Grain Leather
Morton Penny Loafer in Light Brown Full-Grain Leather
Carmine Penny Loafer in Dark Brown Suede—
Barclay Cap-Toe Boot in Caramel Suede— 
Barclay Cap-Toe Boot in Brown Natural Tumbled Leather— 
Perry Split Apron Toe Blucher in Brown Full-Grain Leather— 
Clarkson Cap-Toe Longwing Oxford in Black Full-Grain Leather 
Watts Brogue Cap-Toe in Brown Full-Grain Leather—
Clarkson Cap-Toe Longwing Oxford in Brown Full-Grain Leather and Suede 
Walker Adelaide Oxford in Black Full Grain Leather— 
Barrow Plain-Toe Blucher in Black Full-Grain Leather
Howard Venetian Loafer in Dark Brown Suede— 
Howard Venetian Loafer in Black Full Grain Leather—
A new closed channel on our leather-soled, new styles in our dress collection. 
Luke features a leather outsole while Luke II features a new rubber outsole.
Available in Black, and Hazelnut Full-Grain (pictured)
Joe features a leather outsole while Joe II features a new rubber outsole. 
Available in Black, Espresso and New Hazelnut Full-Grain (pictured)

New Rubber Outsole Options for Joe II Cap-Toe Oxford,  Luke II and Carmine Penny Loafers
New Color: Ellis Chelsea Boot in Snuff Suede —

Available in Black & Hazelnut Full Grain, Dark Brown and Snuff Suede